Real Ticketing Solutions for Real Customers, in Real Time

DataTrax is a worldwide leading supplier of mobile hardware and software ticketing services with sales analytics suites for the tourism and transportation industries. Our solutions are built by transportation operators, for transportation operators with a focus on convenience, financial security, and simple administration.

Our solutions specifically address the challenges and concerns of tour, shuttle, commuter, and line run operators. We continue to incorporate feedback from our customers into our state-of-the-art, real time ticketing solutions.


Calculate Your ROI

Implement DataTrax and quickly calculate your savings.

Our hardware and software technologies can save your company a significant amount per year – DataTrax pays for itself.

Why DataTrax?

DataTrax is the best turnkey solution for processing, reconciling, and reporting ticketed transactions. It is flexible enough to work for single users as well as large franchise operations. Secure and easy to manage, our solutions will help your business save time and money.

Easily customized at no additional cost, our proprietary software has over 200 variables that can be used to set ticketing, tracking, and reporting features.

DataTrax services focus closely on common issues facing tour operators, such as:

  • Automating ticketing
  • Reducing shrinkage
  • Reducing administrative time and costs
  • Expanding ticket distribution
  • Tracking and analyzing all transactions and sales in real time.

Discover more about our DataTrax offerings for tour managers and our VTrax solutions for hotel and hospitality outlets.

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